Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hi tom its mum

hi buddy i am just making sure we have all the p words etc cool so you can log onagain. it is 8 months since you wrote, better get a post happening hunny xx mummy

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amazing holidays

So everyone I just had my holidays and this is what I was up to. One of mum's friends (Sandie) came down and was Lots of fun. My footy team won a game by two points YEAH. I went to Shepperton and there was a lot of cow statues there,I walked around a WHOLE block to find the entrance to K-mart but when I did it was heaven as I am colecting Star Wars figures, I actually got a really cool veichle with a bad guy on it and Mum lay-buyed a Super cool clone turbo tank for christmas! I played golf with my dad (good chat time.) and started to make a set for my Star Wars figures. But after all that fantastic fun there has to be school (BORINGGGGG) now it has been two school days but it has been SUPRISINGLY fun I have been getting a basketball for recess and lunch at least I have footy training tomorrow and I also have golf training Thursday. OK seeya bloggers I will talk to you soon

Monday, June 1, 2009

The two C's cats and comformation

The two C's,first is cats it's because my Grandma got a kitten and it's beautiful. I got to name the kitten and I named it Mickey because it's a boy and only because we thought it was a good name (we don't support Colingwood in the football.) I had lot's of scratches after I saw it and lot's of laughes after as well as it played with a pencil and it had lot's of fun with it, which was cute. so after I saw the kitten I came back home,and after weeks of waiting I had my conformation at the church I go to. It feels good to be a catholic. Well that's all the news iv'e got for now see ya later .

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yay it's the holidays that means Easter is coming and my good mates are coming to see and play with me.I am going to eat lots of chocolate and I am going to PLAY alot with my mates then I am going to go to go to Naracoorte to see more of my mates.
Last saturday on the 4/April 2009 I played my first game of football I am wearing St.Kilda colours they are not my favourite team, I did get the same number as last year though number 28 ten numbers off my favourire footy player Matthew Lloyd.
Well two weeks off school no learning ,lots of playing and lounging around any other time seeya later!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A boys Saturday out

last Saturday Dad and I went out to play golf at Murry Downs Golf and Country Club Resort.
Both of us hit our ball into the water but we had a great time,the course was beautiful and it
was nice and cool. after we played 9 holes (tiring) we went into the clubhouse and had something to drink and eat, I had a pastie and Dad had a Beef and musroom pie we also had a lemonade.
After golf we watched our new movie we got yesterday at Target it was called Get Smart,it was SO FUNNY. The last thing Dad and I did was go to the Sonic Speedway the cars were loud and fast they were all great but Dad's favourite was the super modified V8.You can see pictures
on my blog of a few cars and one of the beautiful sunset.
seya bloggers,

Friday, February 27, 2009

saturday morning at the pioneer settlement

On Saturday two weeks ago , Mum , Dad and I went for a look at the Pioneer Settlement, here in Swan Hill.

In the settlement we visited an old schoolhouse which definately wouldn't have fitted my school in it. It was tiny. In the desks they had ink pot holders.

We looked at a woodwork shop where a man was making things called spurtles. They are used like a wooden spoon to make porridge and jam and for stirring things. I used my own money to buy one. The end is like a fat stick , no spoon part.
We also visited an olden theatre . The pictures were in black and white and you looked through special eyeglasses while the pictures revolved around . I found the eyeglasses hard to use constantly.
Mummy liked the printers the best, she was interested in the stamps they used to print the letters with. I think she really wanted some.
My favourite was the general store because it had lollies in there.
My Dad really enjoyed the day out but his favourite place was the old church . It had special colourful windows called stained glass windows.
We all had a good time but as it was a hot day we were ready to go home. I will load some pictures on my blog on Sunday for you to look at.

Catchya , Tommo ***

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hot first week of school

My first week of school was hot and my class stayed inside for a few days for it was over 40 degrees, but I had fun and kept cool as the school gave out cold bottles of water and my drinkbottle was icy cold. The gym had a good air-con so my friend and I sat in front with the door half closed and kept cool while having a slushie.
On saturday the 7th of Feb Mum Dad and I watched the news of the bushfires.We feel very sad for those people.